What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is when stem cells from various living organisms are taken and injected into another living organism of lacking, damaged, or dead stem cells. Currently, stem cell research is a high topic as the idea is to help prevent or enhance the cellular function within human bodies. Those who have suffered strokes, cancers, or spinal cord damage can be entered into stem cell research and therapy trials. However, the therapy is much more complicated. For one, stem cell therapy is different for every person. Doctors and researchers have to take into effect the damage that has been done on the nerve cells and where in the body. The therapy becomes and more complicated when patients are in need of a match in bone marrow. This typically happens in cases of bone marrow or blood cancers. Recently, researchers have also been focused on stem cell therapy for patients with spinal cord injuries.


Although there is no cure for spinal cord injuries, trials continue to positively affect patients and give hope for the future. One success story included a woman who suffered a stroke and was paralyzed throughout half of her body. After entering a trial and being injected with stem cells, the woman was able to move and speak clearly again. Another success story comes from a young California man who was paralyzed from the neck down due to a car accident. After trial, the man was able to move his arms and has had a shockingly positive recovery. Although researchers cannot guarantee how long the recovery will last from the cells, the fact that it made a difference brings researchers another step closer to finding a cure.


Many researchers argue that these success stories don’t necessarily match science. There is still a lot to learn about stem cell therapy as well as how safe it is. Researchers worry that the low success treatments will come with hefty losses in negative trials. Researchers are also trying to consider the type of injury for each patient. As each injury case is unique for every person, this leads needing to find unique stem cells to match the problem. Yes indeed, time is the key to finding the stem cell cure for all forms of injuries and diseases, however other researchers, doctors and patients, believe that they are just only steps away before hundreds of trials become successful.