The FloGraft product designed by Applied Biologics is an amniotic fluid-derived allograft used to protect and preserve cells and tissues around an injury. It is an injectable product that is also cryopreserved to ensure its stability and effectiveness.

The composition of FloGraft involves a complex mixture of cells that are immune privileged in a regenerative environment of both mesenchymal and epithelial stem and progenitor cells. Additionally, the product include growth factors like cytokines, exosomes, native cellular elements, and matrix components from outside sources. All of these are naturally present within the amniotic fluid, and lead to the promotion of biologic augmentation.

To best suit the needs of each patient that uses FloGraft FREEDOM, it is standardized by the total cellular count prior to cryopreservation. The potency of the product is guaranteed by the thawing process based on the appropriate cell count. It is however, independent of donor heterogeneity, and relies mainly on the standardization of the key growth factors to enhance the safety of the application of FloGraft, and the efficiency of it once it has been applied.

FloGraft is cryopreserved at no higher than -65° celsius, and comes with a tissue-tracking card and patient labels for billing within its packaging. Under the proper storage guidelines, its storage life can last for up to 5 years. FloGraft comes in six basic vial sizes which are 0.25cc, 0.50cc, 1.00cc, 2.00cc, 4.00cc, and 6.00cc for patients. It is a one-time use product that has set the standard for regenerative medicine.

FloGraft can be used for a variety of surgical applications such as arthroscopies, reconstructive surgeries, meniscal repairs and transplantations, orthopedic trauma, and articular cartilage restoration. Minimally invasive surgeries on joints benefit greatly from FloGraft, as the area of entrance is able to heal at a much more efficient rate. Also, the time in which it takes to apply the product is roughly a few minutes, cutting down on surgical time in general. Should any situation call for this, it is also eligible for reimbursement.

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