Benn Willcox

Benn Willcox is an accomplished medical devices professional with special expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal cases.

In addition to his wealth of experience within the healthcare community, Benn earned an additional certification from the Orthofix Spine Specialist Training Program, which provides in-depth training on spinal anatomy, pathology, and imaging. Benn Willcox is qualified to sell and execute the entirety of the Orthofix product family. Orthofix, an international leader in medical technology, partners with passionate representatives like Benn to extend the reach of their research and knowledge for the betterment of patients everywhere.

The human anatomy is highly complex as a general rule, but the spine is perhaps one of, if not the, most important (and difficult) parts of the body to treat medically. The spine is absolutely crucial to human health, not just as a critical support for the skeletal system, but also because it is the dominant core of the nervous system. Issues with the spinal cord can devolve extremely rapidly into life-and-death situations. As such, medical professionals must be vigilant and informed when assessing, diagnosing, and treating the spine. These treatments tend to fit within six main categories – cervical, thoracolumbar, interbody, SI Fixation, MIS, and deformity – all of which demand specific techniques in order for patients to heal quickly and comfortably.

Benn Willcox advocates Orthofix products for their consistency in remaining minimally invasive, which supports the body’s natural healing processes much more responsibly that many major surgeries or similar medical interventions. This value, at the heart of Orthofix’s approach to healthcare, is called dynamization – enable the body to heal itself. As a spine specialist, Benn intimately understands the importance of engaging with neck and spine treatments with a long-term mindset. He creates space for a strong patient-doctor relationship, as well as input regarding holistic training for medical professionals.


Benn Willcox and Orthofix are unwavering in their commitment to conducting business at the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior, earning millions of satisfied customers.

Orthofix operates within an environment of transparency and open, honest communication. The company believes that this kind of work atmosphere allows for efficient interactions between Orthofix employees and supervisors, which promotes trust and transparency throughout the company.

Benn Willcox and the team at Orthofix continue to work hard educating and training specialists to advocate for the most modern techniques and devices, allowing patients all over the globe to receive superior care.

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